Moving Guide

Since we are experts in what we do, here are some practical advices we would like you to follow:

MAKE A CAREFUL SELECTION – Make sure all the objects you want to move into your new space are needed. Throw away whatever you think is not worthy, unwanted or broken. We can do that also for an extra cost.

PACKING – If you chose to pack your goods yourself, make sure you use categorize them and use labels on your boxes, so you know which box is from where (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.). Mark with “Fragile” the boxes with sensible objects so we know to handle them with more care and more attentions. Make sure the bottom of the box is fully assured. 

We can also provide packaging material like bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, mattress cover, straps and removal blankets.

BE CAREFUL – If you live on a busy road, make sure you will have the required space for our van to park as closely to your building as possible. On the moving day you need to pay close attention to children and pets. We advise you to take them to a friend or family member to avoid any more stress at that moment.

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES – Usually, the boxes your appliances come with are the best option to pack so use them if possible. 

Don't forget the cables.

SAVE MONEY AND TIME – The shorter the time for moving is, the less money you spend. Unassembled furniture, and small objects packed can be moved with your personal car. Your wallet will feel the difference.

TO REMEMBER: Notify utility providers in time of the date you are moving especially when the internet connection is a need.