Why do you need a pre-move survey?

To ensure your moving day will go smoothly, it’s important that you provide accurate information to the removal company. And what better way to be accurate than have them look at your household items? It’s also better to have a personal interaction with the team to establish trust.

With pre-move in-person surveys, the moving company can check the route for narrow lanes, low bridges, traffic flow, the parking at your residence and other factors that can affect the duration of your move.

Based on the information they’ll get from the surveying both the collection and delivery address, they can decide which vehicle and equipment is best to use, how many packing materials, number of boxes are needed, and if extra services will be necessary for specialty items.

If you’re set to do a pre-move survey, these are essential things to remember:
  • Confirm the final details of the moving day with your movers
  • Make your items accessible so that it’s easier for the estimator to measure them.
    Place your stuff in convenient locations in your house
  • Confirm with the moving company beforehand if you have fragile or valuable items that need extra care.
    That way, they can prepare special crating or packing materials for these goods
  • Ask questions! Don’t let any vital information be left unsaid.
     It’s essential to be clear on what services you want us to provide, such as packing and inventories.


!!! Virtual pre-move surveys are quickly becoming the most popular way to get an estimate for your move.

Virtual surveys are done remotely via mobile devices, tablet, or desktop devices, at any time and from any location. You must guide our representative around the house, letting them know what does or does not need to be taken.

Therefore, conducting a virtual survey through the mobile phone gives you more time to prepare for the move.


Here is an overview of the importance of conducting the virtual pre-move survey:

  • Less margin for error compared to the traditional self-survey
  • A more convenient process for customer and removal company
  • Allows the customer to be more engaged in the process
  • Cuts the cost for both, the customer, and the removal company
  • Environmentally friendly, the surveys are executed digitally so the surveyor won't have to travel


At the end of your survey, the representative may not immediately provide you with a quote as they sometimes return to the office to calculate the quotation. The time it takes to complete a pre-move survey will depend on the size of your home and the items you wish to move, and a quote will be sent to you within less than 48 hours.


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